Trade Marks & Trade Names

This area is governed by Cap. 116 and Cap. 268 and the common law principles which apply in Cyprus. Cyprus is further a signatory party to the Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property and has also ratified the Treaty and Regulations of WIPO concerning Trade Mark Law and several other International Treaties so as to offer you the opportunity for adequate protection of your business. Our law firm undertakes to assist you with the registration of any trade mark, trade name, patent, copyright and industrial design in any part of the world.

Below you may see more details as to the relevant Laws governing this area:

Trade Marks: governed by the Trade Marks Law, Cap. 268 and by the Regulations of 1951-1992.
To register a trade mark, a full application must be filed to the Trade Marks Registrar including:

    • A form signed by the applicant authorizing the lawyer to file the application.
    • The name and/or a picture of the trade mark.
    • The occupation of the applicant.
    • The address of the applicant.
    • The name of the applicant.

Trade Names:governed by the provisions of the Partnerships and Business Names Law (Cap. 116).

How a trade name is registered?

An application must be sent to the Registrar of Companies containing:

    • The date of commencement of the business.
    • The name of the business in Cyprus.
    • The nationality of the applicant.
    • The residence of the applicant.
    • The name of the applicant.

Copyright: governed by the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Law of 1976 (Cap. 59) as amended and the EU Copyright Directive 93/98.

Copyright protects:

    • Artistic works (e.g. phonographs, original database for a period of 70 years).
    • Satellite broadcasting, cable and retransmission.
    • Literary works (e.g. computer software).
    • Scientific works.
    • Musical works.
    • Other.

Patents: governed by the Patents Law 16(I)/98 and by the relevant Patent Regulations of 1999 and 2000.

The Law:

    • Contains priority rights in accordance with the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property for applications which are already filed.
    • Requires that a patent to be unique/original, have industrial application and not fall within the categories of scientific theories, discoveries etc.
    • Includes issue of priority dates.

Industrial Designs:governed by the Legal Protection of Industrial Designs and Models Law as amended.

The Law protects craftsmanship works or industrial objects and provides that:

    • An application accompanied by the drawing must be filed to the Office of the Registrar of Industrial Designs in order for a design to be examined and approved for the issuance of a protection certificate.
    • The maximum duration for protecting a design is 25 years (5 years period with the ability to renew the protection by paying relevant fees).
    • A work of craftsmanship or an industrial object is protected provided that it is unique, original and new.