Mergers & Acquisitions

The phrase mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated M&A) refers to the aspects of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management by dealing with the buying, selling and combining different companies that can aid, finance, or help a growing company in a given industry to grow rapidly without having to create another business entity.

An acquisition, also known as takeover or buyout, is the buying of one company (the 'target') by another. An acquisition may be friendly or hostile. In the former case, the companies cooperate in negotiations; in the latter case, the takeover target is unwilling to be bought/sold or the target's board has no prior knowledge of the offer. Acquisition usually refers to a purchase of a smaller firm by a larger one. Sometimes, however, a smaller firm will acquire management control of a larger or longer established company and keep its name for the combined entity. This is known as a reverse takeover. Another type of acquisition is reverse merger, a deal which enables a private company to get publicly listed in a short time period. A reverse merger occurs when a private company that has strong prospects and is eager to rise financing, buys a publicly listed shell company which usually has no business operations and limited assets.

The terms "demerger", "spin-off" and "spin-out" are sometimes used to indicate a situation where one company splits into two, generating a second company separately listed on a stock exchange.

Our Law Firm may assist you with any merger or acquisition including the relevant applications to the Inland Revenue Office, the relevant court applications and necessary publications. Furthermore, in cooperation with our associates, we can assist you in the preparation of such a merger or acquisition so as to take advantage of the tax benefits given by the Cyprus law with regards to the reconstruction of legal entities.