Company Law

In Cyprus, company law is governed by the Company Law (Cap. 113) which in a great extent is based on the U.K. 1948 Companies Act.

A company is a legal entity. The tax and other benefits that such entities enjoy have led to a substantial increase in the registration of such entities and most legal entities all over the world are in the form of a limited company. Furthermore, most transactions are nowadays done between companies. This in turn has lead to an increase of company petitions in court and litigation related to company petitions.


The experiences lawyers of our law firm would be glad to assist you in any of the following fields related to company law:

  • Originating notice of motion for declaration that the company's affairs ought to be investigated.
  • Originating Summons / Petitions related to reconstruction and amalgamation.
  • Originating Summons / Petitions related to schemes of arrangement.
  • Petitions for cancellation or variation on the rights of shareholders.
  • Originating Summons for rectification of the members' registry.
  • Petition for restoration of Company's name in the Register.
  • Petitions for protection of minority shareholders rights.
  • Petitions for alteration of objects.
  • Petitions for reduction of capital.
  • Re-Domiciliation of Companies.
  • Transfer of SE's and SCE's.
  • Dissolution of Companies.
  • Registration of Branches.
  • Winding up petitions.

Contract Law

A contract is a binding legal agreement provided that the parties have entered the contract in free will without being misled as to its substance and terms, and that is also enforceable in a court of law. In other words, a contract is an exchange of promises supported by consideration – that must be sufficient, but need not be adequate – at the breach of which the law will provide a remedy to the innocent party.

Agreement is said to be reached when an offer capable of immediate acceptance is met with a "mirror image" acceptance (i.e., an unqualified acceptance). The parties must have the necessary capacity to contract.

Cyprus has incorporated the common law principles of Contract Law (Relevant Law is Cap. 149)


Our Law firm can assist you in a variety of ways relating to the following matters:

  • Contractual and Legal Obligations deriving from Contracts.
  • Remedies in case of breach of Contract.
  • Termination/Recission of Contracts.
  • Advice on Contracts.
  • Contract Formation.
  • Bailment.
  • Pledges.


Tort law is a body of law that addresses and provides remedies for civil wrongs that do not constitute contractual obligations. A person who suffers damages may be able to use tort law to receive compensation from someone who is legally liable. Like Contract Law, Cyprus has adopted the common law principles through Cap 149.

Our litigation department deals with most claims arising out of tort law, including but not limited to:

  • Illegal Withholding of Property.
  • Trespass to Land/Property.
  • Defamation/Libel/Slander.
  • Personal Injury Claims.
  • Employers' Liability.
  • Occupiers' Liability.
  • Traffic Accidents.
  • Negligence.
  • Nuisance.
  • Fraud.

Land Law

The Law on Land in Cyprus is mainly governed by the Immovable Property Law (Cap. 224), the Transfer and Mortgage of Immovable Property Law (9/1965) and the Rent Control Act (23/1983) yet there are also a number of other related laws which form the full body of law relating to land and immovable property. The Laws deal with all matters regarding the ownership, transfer, charge, registration, disposition, valuation, tenure, and rent control of immovable properties.


Our expert personnel is keen to assist you with any issue relating, amongst many other things to the following:

  • Claims relating to compulsory acquisition.
  • Claims relating to boundary differences.
  • Claims relating to rights of passage.
  • Specific Performance Claims.
  • Rent Control Act claims.

Family Law

Get legal support in any of the following:

  • Absolute right to use matrimonial home.
  • Paternity Recognition.
  • Child Abduction.
  • Property Rights.
  • Child Custody.
  • Adoption.
  • Alimony.
  • Divorce.

Administrative Law

The Cyprus administrative law is governed by the Cyprus Constitution, the General Principles of Administrative Law 1999 (L. 158(I)/1999) and Civil/Roman Law principles in contrast to most other areas of Law which are governed by common law principles.

Our expert personnel will assist you to file an application (recourse) to the relevant Courts, challenging any decision which falls under the sphere of administrative law. Recourses must be filed within 75 days from the notification of the decision and the lawyers of our firm guarantee expert and instant assistance to the clients raising such challenges.