Land conveyancing

Land Conveyance relates to the transfer of the (legal) title deeds of a property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien on immovable property.

In Cyprus land conveyance takes place through the competent District Land Registry. The Land Registry and the Chronometric Department registries, safeguard the rights of the owners with regards to the boundaries and legal title deeds of their properties.

Despite the aforementioned protection offered by the Cyprus Land Registry system, , it is very important to seek legal advice before entering into a contract of sale for the purchase or sale of immovable property since such a transaction may carry several risks.

Hence amongst other things, we undertake for you the following:

    • Check if the building has planning permit, building permit or certificate of final approval (-the latter if the building construction has been completed).
    • Safeguard your right to a resale in case you want to sell the property before the issuance of title deeds.
    • Deposit your contract of sale at the Land Registry so as to safeguard specific performance rights.
    • Explain to you the dangers of purchasing property which is under mortgage or other charges.
    • Insert such terms in the contract of sale so as to safeguard you in the best possible manner.
    • A search to identify whether there are encumbrances/charges on the property.

Our litigation department is ready and willing to assist you at any time in any legal proceeding to enforce your rights in respect of any such transaction.